At Fingal Home Care we are passionate about delivering professional, reliable, person centred care. Our aim is to enable and support our service users to live as independently as possible in their own homes.

We understand that deciding to receive care support can be daunting but with an understanding and listening approach we aim to make it a simple and enjoyable experience where your wishes and choices are really heard.

Home Assessment: 

Once you contact us, one of our dedicated Care Team will discuss your needs with you and will then arrange to visit you at your home, usually within 24 hours, to carry out your home care assessment and conduct a health and safety risk assessment. The assessment will ascertain your needs with regard to your required level of assistance with regard to your bathing /toileting / feeding/ dressing/ prompting medication and mobility needs etc.  You may of course have a family member(s) present, friend or relation and we would encourage this as home care will involve all the family. During the assessment, you and your family members will have an opportunity to ask any questions or concerns that you have about our service and our Carers.

Your Individual Care Plan:

Once we have completed the assessment of your needs, likes and dislikes, they can then complete your Individual Care Plan. Remember, our Care Plans are constantly being reviewed and updated, so as your needs change or grow, our service grows with you. We will provide you with a quote for the service and a care contract will be agreed.

Meet Your Carer(s):

Once your Individual Care Plan has been devised we are then in a position for you to meet your Carer, who will be introduced to you by the Care Supervisor.  Our Carer will be fully trained in First Aid and Patient/Manual Handling. All of our Carers have their QQI Level 5 in Health Care Skills qualification. Carers are carefully selected based on training, qualifications, experience and competence for your individual care plan, as well as the preferences of the service user.  At Fingal Home Care we understand that it is never easy to accept care with regard to personal care tasks that we have managed by ourselves all of our lives, however our Carers are all vastly experienced and will be adept at putting you at ease. Your privacy, dignity and feelings are always pivotal in how our Carers treat you. We are then ready to commence our home care service to you!

Once the service starts, your Carer(s) will complete a Diary at the end of each visit, which records all the tasks completed.

On-Going Supervision:

Once your home care is in operation we constantly review your service and actively seek all feedback.  Our Care Supervisors will oversee the quality of care our Carers provide and ensure that all Health & Safety practices are strictly adhered to.  The Care Supervisors will make on-the-spot visits to the service users’ homes to supervise our Carers at work, and ensure that our clients are receiving the best of care.  They will also review all the duties being carried out with the service user and ensure that the service users’ individual home care plan is being carried out as agreed.

You will also receive visits from our Quality Assurance Manager who will review all aspects of the service delivered from the Service Users’ perspective. Any issues raised are escalated directly to the General Manager. The Quality Assurance Manager also provides a report to the Directors at every Board of Director meeting.

However, if you have any concerns you should immediately contact the Care Supervisor for your area who will investigate and address any issues that arise, and where necessary, escalate internally (within Fingal Home Care) or externally (to the HSE or other appropriate authority).

Carer Monitoring System:

Our Carer Monitoring system ensures that the Carer arrives on time and stays for the full duration. If you have high dependency needs and require two Carers, each Carer has to log into the system via a mobile phone which is provided to each Carer. We have a Monitor on duty from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week, who will know immediately if a Carer has not arrived on time and our system will flag when a Carer fails to clock-in to a call as scheduled. We can then arrange for another Carer to be with you as soon as possible.  This system gives you peace of mind as we will know immediately if there is any problem with your Carer. This is rare, but we will know immediately and we will be able to ensure you get care no matter what.


We have strict policies and procedures regarding our service users’ confidentiality and their right to privacy.  All of our staff are thoroughly familiar with our policies and are not permitted to discuss your care with anyone outside of your home, including other Fingal Home Care staff.  If a Carer has any concerns with regard to the wellbeing of a Service User they must inform their Care Supervisor who will contact a family member to discuss.  We insist that all of our staff understand and strictly adhere to our confidentiality policy.

Company Annual Statement:

As of December 2021 – FHC CLG – Audited Accounts – FY Ending 31/12/2021

Complaints Policy and Procedure:

Complaints Policy and Procedure

Service Delivery Policy:

Service Delivery Policy

So Why Choose Fingal Home Care?

● All of our Carers are Garda Vetted.
● All of our Carers are uniformed with ID badges.
● We will promptly assess your needs or the needs of a family member you are enquiring about.  We use a professional client care assessment process which we will discuss with you and the prospective client.  We can then outline our services, provide you with a costing and get you started quickly.
● We apply stringent Health & Safety Policies & Procedures for Carers & service users.
● Our Recruitment Procedures are rigorous ensuring you always get the best care.
● We provide Comprehensive On-Going Staff Training.
● All our Carers have First Aid and Patient/Manual Handling Certification.
● We offer Competitive Home Care Rates.
● Our Carer Monitoring System ensures that you will always get care. It gives you or your loved one peace of mind that they always get the care when they need it.
● Our Quality Monitoring System ensures you or your loved one always gets the quality care you need, as we rigorously assess quality of care through a variety of methods.
● Full Employers Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover.
● HSE Approved Provider